Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 18 ( 2014 ) English Dubbed at gogoanime

A new virtual reality game known as "Gun Gale Online" (GGO) is promoted via streamed broadcast, featuring top-ranked player named XeXeeD. In a bar, a cloaked man nicknamed "Death Gun" fires a bullet from his pistol through the video screen, causing XeXeeD to suddenly convulse and disconnect. A month later, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki hang out at a park, discussing the differences between the real and virtual worlds.
Four hours earlier, Kazuto meets with Seijirō Kikuoka, a member of the Virtual Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, who reveals that Tamotsu Shigemura, real-life persona of XeXeeD, died of acute heart failure a few days after his avatar was shot by Death Guns army. Kikuoka, believing that Death Gun is specifically targeting professional Gun Gale Online players, begs Kazuto to once again take up the role of "Kirito" and investigate the situation.
In the present, Kazuto and Asuna talk about how the vertical structure of Aincrad in "Sword Art Online" (SAO) represents the axis of time and the plane of space.
GGO player Sinon snipes a boss in an underground dungeon in SBC Glocken, managing to defeat it with her FR F2 sniper rifle and receiving a PGM Hécate II as her reward. She later assists squadron leader Dyne and squadron member Ginrou in an ambush against another squadron, whose bodyguard named Behemoth is equipped with a minigun.
Ginrou dies after being shot multiple times by Behemoth, and Dyne commits suicide by using a plasma grenade to take out Behemoth’s squadron. When Sinon and Behemoth are the only ones remaining on the battlefield, Sinon shoots down Behemoth with her sniper rifle while falling from the sky, earning her victory in the gunfight despite suffering severe damage to her left leg. In "ALfheim Online" (ALO), Leafa, Silica and Lisbeth defeat a plant monster, while Kirito prepares to say something to Asuna.

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