My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 12 (2018) English Dubbed at gogoanime

Still recovering from the previous incident, the school is about to hold the Sports Festival, which will serve as an opportunity for the students to show off their Quirks to professional heroes looking for sidekicks. In the occasion, All Might confesses to Izuku that his powers are diminishing, and that the festival is an opportunity for Izuku to show his true value to the world.
Todoroki expresses to Izuku that he will defeat him and show his true power. As the Sports Festival begins, the students from the four branches of the school - Hero, General Studies, Business and Support Courses - participate in an obstacle-course race.
During the obstacle race, Todoroki effortlessly passes each obstacle with Bakugo in hot pursuit. At the last obstacle, Izuku uses his wits to pass through both and win the race. However, his victory is short-lived when he learns that by being first place, he is the top target for the next round.
In the next round, the Cavalry Battle, Izuku teams up with Ochako, Tokoyami and Support Course student Mei. Being the team with most points, they barely evade the advances from the other teams from their class, while the students from Class B take advantage of it to claim points for themselves.
As the end of the Cavalry Battle approaches, Izuku's team has a heated confrontation with the team led by Todoroki. Despite losing first place to them, they earn a place in the next round by working together.
The 16 remaining students advance to the final stage, with one-on-one battles to decide the winner. Before the fights begin, Todoroki has a private talk with Izuku, revealing the reasons for his hatred toward his father, the world's second-best hero Endeavor.
In the first round, Izuku is struck by Hitoshi Shinso's brainwashing ability, but breaks free in the last moment and obtains victory, while Todoroki displays his overwhelming power and easily wins his match against Hanta Sero, becoming Izuku's opponent in the following round.

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